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This year, Aersolution will attend the first time on the NBAA in Las Vegas. 

We will present our latest HI-LO Table products and we are more than happy to welcom you on our booth C12245

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Aersolution LOW STOW High-low Table Kinematic


Extreme from the bottom to the top

Special customer requirements forces clever and unconventional solutions. Or the other way around, Aersolution loves to be challenged by our customers.

So happened we were confronted by an undisclosed customer with a very special functional design requirement for an electrical HIGH-LOW table. The task was a current seating arrangement should be upgraded with a new electrical HIGH-LOW dining table including lateral sliding capability which allows a very low Top of Table Top in low positing of max 11” including table top, folded table leaf and sliding mechanism but a standard dining table height when deployed.

Based on the Aersolution under Divan Single Pedestal Sliding Table we developed a new generation LOW STOW High Low table with an unachieved low position of 10.5” and a max High Position of 29.4”.

24-28 VDC power input by a maximum power consumption of 7.5 Amp follows the Aersolution philosophy for electrical powered interior components. The LOW STOW High-low Table Kinematic also complies with RTCA DO160 Section 4, 7, 8, 16, 17, 21.

Aersolution receives the ADOA Approval EASA.AP347


We are proud to announce, that Aersolution Interior AG finally receives also the ADOA approval EASA.AP.347  from the European Aviation Safety Agency.

With this approval and the already received POA CH.21G.0020 (Production Organzation Approval) we now in the position to provide full aviation engineering, certification and production services to our valued customers.

Either build to spec or build to print projects with focus to highly challangeing project for VIP and commercial fixed Wing and Rotorcraft Interior solutions.

Aersolution Interior AG receives POA Approval CH.21G.0020


We are proud to announce that Aersolution Interior AG receives the POA Approval CH.21G.0020

After some intensive working days, the updated POA documentation has been sent to and approved by the Swiss Authority (FOCA).

This was a further important milestone in the transition from the old to the new Aersolution.

Aersolution GmbH changes to Aersolution Interior AG


Welcome to Aersolution Interior AG

Since April 1st 2015 Aersolution GmbH has been refirmed under Aersolution Interior AG. This is a remarkable milestone in the history of Aersolution as new undisclosed investors joined the company and enforced the new builded management board with a wide range of branche specific and financial competences. This creates a strong base for the future development of the company after some very difficult years.

Aersolution Interior AG is looking forward to follow the long term strategy being a leading partner of our customer for electrical mechanical kinematics, VIP galleys and special components.  

Privacy on demand


Aersolution recently finished his next aviation interior product. The Aersolution Privacy Partion Wall with a electrical operated HI LO window with integrated electrical operated window blind out.

The Aersolution Privacy Partition with HI-LO Window is basically a frame structure attached to a group of middle height partition walls throughout a VIP first class area. Each seat is separated by these partitions. The Privacy Partition with HI-LO Window is located inboard facing to the aisle and whenever the occupant it likes he can lower the window having a more open area.

Here for the Aersolution Privacy Partition with HI-LO Window provides the attachment for the PRIVA LITE window panel with the HI-LO kinematic as well as a customized power converter to dim out electrically the PRIVA LITE window.

The integrated programmable motor controller provides also speed control and an overload protection for highest user safety and system reliability.

24-28 VDC power input by a maximum power consumption of 5 Amp follows the Aersolution philosophy for electrical powered interior components. And of course, the motor with controller as well as the PRIVA LITE window power converter complies with RTCA DO160 Section 4, 7, 8, 16, 17, 21

Aersolution Under Divan Sliding Table


Sometimes, special customer requirements ask for special innovations. One of these special innovations is our Under Divan sliding HI-LO Table.

Aersolution successfully completed the design, development and manufacturing, We were asked for a table mechanism which can be stowed in a very low profile under divan stowage housing with a height of less than 290mm TOS including foldable table leaf. The table shall be able to slide out of this housing without touching or interfering the carpet and shall deployable up to 745mm TOS with deployed table leaf.

Our solution: A floor pallet mounted underneath the divan provides the required strong basis receiving the heavy duty slides. On top of this slides a sliding pedestal plate (meanwhile also called magic carpet) ensure stability and housing all the functions required i.e. the locking systems, the pillar, the spindle, motor, gears and controller and the ability of a manual override function.

A seven stage telescopic pillar and a five stage custom made telescopic spindle finally provides the required stability and the possibility to raise the table more than 3 times of its initial height.
A five stage plated and leather covered shroud as well as a leather covered table top with two leaf gives a VIP appearance to the table once he was finished.

24-28 VDC power input by a maximum power consumption of 5 Amp follows the Aersolution philosophy for electrical powered interior components. The Under Divan Sliding HI-LO Table also complies with RTCA DO160 Section 4, 7, 8, 16, 17, 21

“please visit us at Booth C12245”