VIP Swivell Stool

VIP Swivell Stool





Aersolution designed the VIP Swivel Stool, based on customer requirements,  as a working stool in front of a VIP Office for comfortable seating in-flight. The stool system comes with an off-center cabinet attachment, a swinging seat arm support, and a rotating seat pan.

Incorporated springs always keep the seat facing towards the office desk. The stool is equipped with an inertia real seat belt and tested to for in-flight use. 

  • Stool Locking system for TT&L

  • Seatpan rotation system

VIP Swivell Stool
VIP Swivell Stool
  • Fully customized 

  • CS-25 latest Ammendments

  • FAR-25 latest Ammendments

  • 150lbf Abuse Load Down and Push / Pull