Two Place extendable Divan Bed

Two Place extendable Divan Bed





The Aersolution two Place convertible Divan-Bed is a divan system with the capability to be converted in a full size high comfort single place bed.

Space constraints within the cabin that all of the required cushions used for the bed configurations need to be stowed within the divan, the requirement that one person easily can deploy the divan to a bed and wise versa and high VIP finishing where the demanding customer requirement.

Aersolution developed, manufactured and tested this manually operated divan with several unique features. To grant enough stowage capability, Aersolution introduced a telescopic drawer system which assures the required length of the bed by a minimum use of space. While deploying the divan to bed position, an automated HI-LO bed support mechanism will be lowered to provide additional support of the bed once it is fully deployed and engaged.

All these features be activated by a single one hand operation realized by the integrated mechanical linked release mechanism.

The backrest panels with the cushions finally are part of the bed mattress. These panels can be manually lowered by running over the telescopic extensions. Finally a foldable cushion stowed in the stowage compartment of the divan closes the last gap of the mattress and the bed is ready for a relaxing sleep.

  • Bed size: 1.2m [47"] x 2.0m [78"]

  • All matress swoted within the divan

  • Foot Support in extended position

Two Place extendable Divan Bed
Two Place extendable Divan Bed

Full Customized

  • Boeing Structural Repair Manual

  • CS25-Specification