Cinema / Day Bed

Cinema / Day Bed





Aersolution Day-Bed, the relaxing cinema experience.

The Day Bed has been designed for an A330 VIP Interior and installed in the Cinema area. The unique design allows converting the unit from a sofa/divan configuration into a fully flat bed.

During the conversion, the occupant can stay on the bed and relax. The various motor configuration always ensures that gaps of the mattress are as small as possible to keep the comfort level very high.

An additional lateral tracking system ensures the most outboard position of the backrest and constant distance to the cinema screen.

​Independent leg rest and backrest actuation, fully integrable into the Cabin Management System (CMS)

  • 24-28 VDC power input

  • maximum power consumption of 10.0 Amp

  • The Bed kinematics also complies with RTCA DO160 Section 21

  • Bed size and height fully customizable

  • Bed shape fully customizable

  • Small bed frame for max. storage capacity under the bed panel

  • various options

Cinema / Day Bed
Cinema / Day Bed
  • Rocker type switch control handheld

  • IFE integration

  • Wireless handheld (android app)

  • protection shroud

  • mattress design and manufacturing

  • decorative bed shrouds

  • quick release installation

  • CS-25 latest Ammendments

  • FAR-25 latest Ammendments

  • 150lbf Abuse Load Down and Push / Pull