Electrical Bed Kinematic (backrest and leg rest)





The Aersolution electrical actuated VIP Bed Kinematic has a modular build up.

​​This type of bed comes with an adjustable backrest and adjustable leg-rest for a comfortable in-flight sleeping experience. During the development, we maximized the stability of the bed panels by minimizing the space required by the bed sub-structure at the same time. ​

​​Specially designed carbon bed panels are the key for the required stiffness attaching the actuation of the bed kinematic in the centerline of the bed panels and allow almost every shape for the bed panels by providing full functionality.

​​With our design, it is possible to concentrate the bed substructure to the center and results in a slim and low profile sub-structure including the bed kinematic elements. This vice versa opens the possibility to the outfitter to use the remaining space for storage drawers and compartments.

​​The beds are controllable via handheld, inbuilt rocker type switches and over cabin switch panels.

The integrated programmable motor controller offers the possibility of predefined speed settings and overload protection for highest user safety, comfort and system reliability.


Tool-less manual override assures that the bed panel is lowerable at any time under any circumstances to the required full flat TTOL position.​

​The Bed kinematics also complies with RTCA DO160 Section 4, 7, 8, 16, 17, 21

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