Single Table Pedestal (SP)





The Aersolution electrical actuated single pedestal HI-LO table units are developed to ensure most possible freedom to our customer in slim design of shrouds and table tops around this kinematic.

The HI-LO table unit consisting of a rigid aluminum 3 stage telescopic pillar with a diameter of only 124mm [4.9"] containing the complete actuation and control unit.


Due to the special design of the pillar profile and the strong actuation system, the HI-LO unit is able to comply with most demanding abuse loads and push / pull handling loads with a table top of up to 1550 mm [61"] in diameter.


The HI-LO table unit is floor palette mounted and therefore installable nearly anywhere in the cabin. An integrated cable channel allows invisible and fully protected under carpet power supply to the table.Full reliable, tool less manual override function ensures to lower the table also manually to TTOL position at any time under any circumstances.


Due to independent bypass release system and hydraulic system design there is no motor jamming or spindle blockage failure condition possible.The integrated hydraulic actuator and motor controller provide dual overload protection (electrical and mechanical) for highest user safety and system reliability.


24-28 VDC power input by a max. power Consumption of 5 Amp makes installation also easy. The HI-LO unit complies with RTCA DO160 Section 4, 7, 8, 16, 17, 21

The heights (without table top) can be chosen by the customer with the following dependencies:

Lowest Position minimum: 80mm + Stroke (min Stroke = 250 mm)

Highest Position maximal 2 x Stroke + 80mm

The weight of pillar unit without optional customized base and top plate is only 7.2 kg [16 lbs]

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