HI-POT Wire Harness Testing





The quality and safety of our products, but also safety for our employees is the most important thing for us.

Due to increased production rates and to ensure consistent product quality and safe quality inspection of our wire loom assemblies, Aersolution introduces a brand new, fully automated HI-POT testing system in our production line. This system replaces the wire by wire manual testing.

The system performs at one shoot several different tests, i.e., Dielectric Breakdown, Insulation Resistance, but also four-wire connection resistance measurement, and other tests if required.

Dielectric Breakdown

The dielectric breakdown test is where high voltage is applied to determine the voltage where the insulation breaks down and begins to conduct electricity. This level is called the breakdown voltage. In cable and harness testing, failure is usually identified by an arc occurs.

Insulation Resistance

The insulation resistance test measures the resistance of the insulation or dielectric. Voltage is applied to the insulation to measure the current, which flows through it. The results are expressed as a resistance reading. If the resistance is lower than specified, then there is a problem with the insulation.

The new system has been introduced on the serial production line for our electrical pocket door actuation system recently qualified and certified for the tow latest state of the art business jets.

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