Porter Roll In Stretcher

Porter Roll In Stretcher





The Aersolution Porter is a new generation Stretcher System based on the Roll In concept. The Porter System consisting of a light weight stretcher, detachable from a low profile, light weight stretcher cot and an Aircraft retaining system.

An integrated multifunction bay in the stretcher allows the installation of additional equipment. i.e automated CPR

The system is designed for maximum load and to the maximum width to carry obese patients. The use of aviation approved material to assure reproducibility of the system under controlled STC’ed processes.

The stretcher cot can be operated manually but has been also designed, that an alternative electrical actuation can be installed.

Beside the aircraft retaining interfaces, the stretcher system can be equipped with all common Road Ambulance interfaces to allow easy and seamless Patient handling.

  • Manual and electical actuated versions

  • Designed to meet 16G requirements

  • lightweight carbon fibre panels

  • compatible with most common road ambulance interface

Porter Roll In Stretcher
Porter Roll In Stretcher
  • Mattress

  • CPR integration

  • Equipment rack

  • Stretcher can be separated from the Roll In system

CS-27 and CS-29