VIP Intensive Care Bed

VIP Intensive Care Bed





In cooperation with our customer Aerolite AG, in Ennetbuergen Switzerland, the target of this amazing project was, to have a standard hospital intensive care medical bed in an aircraft certified for TTOL.

The starting point was the selection of the most sophisticated intensive care bed, the analysis of the selected bed system and the reinforcement design work. Parallel to this, Aersolution starts the investigation on how the inbuilt electronic and hydraulic system can pass the FAA FAR 25 certification requirements.

Together with the FAA DER’s we developed the plan of the various required modifications, showing the mechanical improvements, the qualification of the OEM electronic system, the hydraulic system including the exchange and qualification of a suitable hydraulic fluid which does not reduce the reliability of the original systems as well the proof of meeting the flammability requirements of installed parts.

Finally we meet the target and show compliance to the regulation after several iterations, qualifications, testing and deep modification of the bed structure.

This is an example of our capability to make things happen which sometimes seems to be impossible.

  • Off the shelf bed

  • Modified to meet FAA requirements

  • B747 Aircraft installation

VIP Intensive Care Bed
VIP Intensive Care Bed
  • Rocker type switch control handheld

  • quick release installation

  • FAR-25 Ammendments 25

  • BOEING and AIRBUS Abuse Load requirements