Low-Stow HI-LO Single Table Pedestal





Uncompromised electrical actuated low-Stow table pedestal with unachieved stability and operational speed. 

This single pedestal extreme low stow table is based on the Aersolution proven electric-hydraulic HI-LO System and allows a low stow height of 222mm [8.75"] With the special designed 4 stage telescopic spindle a top height of 655mm [25.8"] can be achieved. 

A total of 18 high precision slides distributed over the four pillar stages ensures a unachieved stability for such type of table.

Low noise (56 dB/SIL at 25mm/sec) and high speeds with up to 45mm/sec are other stunning features of this table. 

​The heart of the system is our certified Aersolution Single Motion Controller which allows us to make various adjustment via software but also enables us to build multiple leg table systems without mechanical synchronization. 

​Of course, the table can be stopped at any position between full down and full up without any restrictions and the fully integrated manual override bypasses the main actuation string and ensures the low TTOL position at any time under any circumstances.


There is no spindle jamming nor a blocked motor which impacting this safety feature.

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