About us

Founded by Roger Buenter as Aviadesign LLC in September 2006 in Altdorf Switzerland as an engineering service office we started in 2007 with two major interior projects as we won the contract for our B747 Patient Elevator and a B747 Medical Room. This was the starting point for a continuous grows of our company. In the following years we were part on many exiting small and bigger projects.


In the following we would like to highlight our history along some of these projects and key events.

In 2008 after rebranding the company to Aersolution, Aersolution founds the Joint Aviation Consortium, a cooperation of 4 professional aviation partners, with the goal of design, development manufacturing and testing of complete galley monuments.

The First Galley Project A340-600 within Consortium could be completed in 2009 and directly followed by an AFT Galley Project for A340-300.

In 2010 we were involved in the refurbishment of a B757 Flying hospital where we exchanged all medical equipment and the modification of the existing interior to accommodate the new equipment.

In parallel we designed and certified also two Rotorcraft Medical Interiors for AB412 and AW139.

The year 2011 was mainly focused on system modifications and also EMS integrations during this time we completed B777 Waste System Integrations as well as a refurbishment of a A319CJ VIP Aircraft.

In 2012 the Consortium won 2 major Galley projects with in total 9 Galley monuments. We developed the G1, G2, G3, G5, G6 and G7 Galley for 767 VIP Interior project as well the G1 and G2 Galley for a BBJ VIP Interior. In parallel to these huge projects Aersolution starts to enlarge its capability and independency and we finally achieved the EASA ADOA and FOCA POA approval.


This was the hour of birth of the Aersolution Interior Component. Beginning of 2013 a new A319 Galley Project started and we could complete the first Interior component delivery to Customers for HI-LO Table, PULL OUT TABLE and Electrical Bed, as well the completion of the two major galley projects started in 2012.

Now in 2014 the latest A319 galley project has been completed and focuses in new interior components as new beds and Stretcher system development.