Aersolution Story

Once upon in a time..


2021 is the cabinet door project year. 

Several projects for VIP and Business Aircraft has been completed and delivered to our customers


Aersolution implements its new ERP System. Since 2020 ODOO ERP System is our new tool.

The first Shippsets delivered of our other new pocket door electrical activation system.


Finally, we have completed also another challenging project. The ultimate Accordion Divider seperates a large conferencing room into two private rooms. 


Design and development of pocket door electrical activation system for newly developed large business aircraft.

Completion of the first Day Bed design and production.



LOW Stow HI-LO Pillar Table for an other B777 Head of State project.


Development of the new HI-LO Table Pillar Pedestals for a new B777 aircraft project.

Single Pillar Table        Dual Pillar Table



Founding of Aersolution Interior AG, replacing Aersolution GmbH.


The first generation of electrical HI-LO table has been developed for a B747 project

The new in-flight sleeping experience with the fully electrical operated VIP Bed Kinematics comes on the market.


B767 FWD, MID and AFT Galley

A busy year with a complete set of Galleys. 


 AW109 Quick Change Patient Evacuation Kit

Aersolution STC'ed Stretcher Installation Kit that turns an VIP Aircraft into a MEDEVAC

Aersolution receives EASA Part 21 G POA Approval CH.21G.0020.

Airborne Medical Stretcher (Porter)

A new stretcher generation shall borne

A320 & B777 Water & Waste Water modification

A year of structural modification work


VIP Medical Aircraft Modification. Installation of new medical equipment into a B767 flying hospital.

AW139 EMS Equipment

A340 AFT Galley Complex

Right after the first, Aersolution wins an other Lighthouse project. A huge non standard AFT Galley with 2400 kg gross weight.


Company name changed to AERSOLUTION GmbH

Aersolution wins the first Galley contract for a A340 Life Open Cooking Galley. 


We move to a new place, Neuland 2 in Altdorf


The B747-400 Medical Lift and the VIP Intensive Care Room are in the finals.


In the beginning..

Roger Buenter founded AVIADESIGN GmbH as an engineering and certification service provider.

Our first office in Altdorf, Switzerland