Manufacture & Test

An idea is only a good and promising one if at the end of its development process, a product results that can actually be manufactured and sold.

Based on our approved Production Organization (POA) processes, Aersolution offers you a one-stop solution. From design right through to the final product including the EASA Form 1 required by the aviation industry.

Time to go until first delivery of our latest Innovation

Production Planing & Procurement

Good planning is the cornerstone of meeting the agreed delivery dates. But planning is also an essential component in order to ensure the desired product quality. This planning extends over the entire value chain including sales, project management, procurement, production and warehousing.

Thanks to a fully integrated ERP system, we are able to carry out this planning effectively and on a daily basis.


Only tested and compliant material is used in the production process. Experienced and qualified manufacturing partners and a strictly coordinated incoming inspection make sure that the subsequent production can be carried out without interruptions. 


Internal production is carried out strictly according to drawings, instructions, and the specifications of the work orders. Test results are automatically recorded and assigned to the corresponding orders in the ERP system.

Wire loom Inspection

Each Assembled Wireloom undergoes an automatic HI-POT Test procedure