e-LIFT 145

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    The new electrically driven table pedestal e-LIFT of Aersolution utilizes the proven advantages of the super quiet hydraulic drive technology and its massive power reserves with new, innovative safety and operating functions. Thanks to its unique telescopic extension system, this new generation of highly compact table pedestals achieves a maximum reachable height within a minimum design volume and a low basic height. These features allow interior designers to create extensive and stable but at the same time elegant tables with one or more slim table legs.
    The Aersolution table pedestals have sophisticated redundant and adjustable safety features that allow passengers to operate the tables safely. Even in emergencies such as a power failure, the tables move to a safe position at any time powered by its fully integrated bypass and backup systems.
    The table pedestal parameters are free configurable via a USB-C interface and communicate with each other, in the case of a multi-column table arrangement via CAN bus.

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