Behind the scene
BAM Magazine Interview with our CEO Roger Bünter

It's easy to take for granted when aircraft interior mechanics and electronics work smoothly and reliably, but it takes great knowledge and skill to for them to be 'Engineered for perfection'. We were very pleased to learn more about this in the Autumn 2021 #BAM interview with Roger Bünter, CEO of Aersolution Interior AG, where he discusses the engineering skills that lie behind VIP cabin interiors.

“Our basic field of applications is specialised mechanics and electronic systems for aircraft interiors. This includes everything from the electrical motors and mechanics in aircraft seating, to double beds in a luxury cabin, and tables that fold out or rise up. It includes doors and drawers, and galley pieces, anything that people open, close or pull out.”

“It is true that so much of what we do works behind the scenes, out of view. You can feel and hear it, but you generally don’t see it. But it is hugely important.”

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Behind the scene
Roger Bünter 7 January, 2022
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