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    The e-SLIDE Hanging Door is a new electrically operated mechanism for airplane sliding doors. It is made for a hanging sliding door design and utilizes the same safety requirement baseline as the e-Slide Pocket Door.

    The main component of this mechanism is the Aerolution Door Motion Controller, which features an integrated "Automatic Teach-In" function and over ten levels of adjustable force and speed values. Another innovation is the fully integrated electrical DUAL LOCKING system with galvanically isolated door position signals for recognizing the door status in the aircraft door control system. This hardware-based feedback system makes the usual manual door locking for the TTOL phase unnecessary and allows 100% electrical operation of the door without manual intervention.

    Further integrated features include CAN-based communication of double doors, privacy mode, a TTOL cockpit door control that initiates an automated jam sequence, and electronic force monitoring for safe door operation.

    The door can be moved manually to the intended safety position at any time, even in a complete power failure. These mechanical functions are superimposed on the electronic functions. The system also recognizes the activation of this mechanical system and automatically resets the door system as soon as power is restored.

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