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The Aersolution Porter is a new generation Aircraft Stretcher System based on the Roll-In rescue stretcher concept. The Porter System consisting of a lightweight stretcher, detachable from a low profile, lightweight stretcher cot, and an Aircraft retaining system.
An integrated multifunction bay in the stretcher allows the installation of additional equipment. i.e automated CPR​

The system is designed for maximum load and to the maximum width to carry obese patients. The use of aviation-approved material to assure reproducibility of the system under controlled STC’ed processes. The stretcher cot can be operated manually but has been also designed, that an alternative electrical actuation can be installed.​
Besides the aircraft retaining interfaces, the stretcher system can be equipped with all common Road Ambulance interfaces to allow easy and seamless Patient handling.
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This EMS Kit converts your AB109 VIP Aircraft into a rescue Helicopter
With the Quick Change Patient Evacuation Kit (QCPEK) the AW109 rotorcraft can be modified to accommodate a quick removable patient evacuation system, on the left-hand side of the cabin at the place of two seats. The installation consists of a box attached to the existing seat attachments, with three storages (two outboards, and one inboard forward) for miscellaneous medical equipment and one (aft inboard) for the relocation of two life vests.

It includes interfacing support to the existing AFT VIP Seat and one foldable leg which will be installed on top of the existing seat track. The Quick Change Patient Evacuation Kit is equipped with a leg belt and a 4 point shoulder harness. The attachments (forward legs, aft structure, and belting attachments) are made of metallic parts.
The storage box is made of sandwich panels and offers space for medical equipment and carry-on items. As a special feature can be mentioned that no modification of the primary structure is required for the installation of the kit.
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For an EMS System provider, Aersolution designed, developed, tested and produced a lightweight Stretcher with an easy-to-use stretcher loading platform.