e-LIFT 145
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The new electrically driven table pedestal e-LIFT of Aersolution utilizes the proven advantages of the super quiet hydraulic drive technology and its massive power reserves with new, innovative safety and operating functions. Thanks to its unique telescopic extension system, this new generation of highly compact table pedestals achieves a maximum reachable height within a minimum design volume and a low basic height. These features allow interior designers to create extensive and stable but at the same time elegant tables with one or more slim table legs.
The Aersolution table pedestals have sophisticated redundant and adjustable safety features that allow passengers to operate the tables safely. Even in emergencies such as a power failure, the tables move to a safe position at any time powered by its fully integrated bypass and backup systems.
The table pedestal parameters are free configurable via a USB-C interface and communicate with each other, in the case of a multi-column table arrangement via CAN bus.
m-LIFT 145
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Introducing the new m-LIFT 145, a manually operated table lifting system that is part of the latest generation of full lift table legs. These compact table legs have external dimensions of 145 mm x 145 mm and feature a unique full extension design, allowing them to reach a maximum extension height of 690 mm and a low position height of 345 mm.

The manual operation includes an integrated, lockable gas pressure spring, providing the capability to lock the table in any position without constraints. The integrated end stops allow for individual adjustment of the LOW and HIGH positions within the maximum possible lift for each pedestal.

These features, coupled with the sturdy construction, make it possible for interior designers to create stable and elegant tables using one or more synchronously driven table legs. These systems can support very heavy table tops, with a single table leg capable of bearing weights of up to 80 kg.

Aersolution also offers complete and customized table systems, which include covers, table tops with table leaves (both electric and manual), and base plates.
m-LIFT 100
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The new manual-operated table pedestal m-LIFT 100 of Aersolution is a new generation of full stroke table leg systems and the slim brother of the e-Lift 145.
Thanks to its unique telescopic extension system, this new generation of highly compact table pedestals achieves a maximum reachable height within a minimum design volume and a low position height. The integrated gas spring allows stopping the table at any position without restrictions.
These features and the string design allow interior designers to create stable but at the same time elegant tables with one or more slim table legs ideal for mid-size business jets

Aersolution also provides complete and customized table systems including shrouds, table tops with table leaves (electrical and manually operated), and floorplates.
e-TOP Deporting Table Extension
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The e-TOP electric table extension is specially designed for convertible tables. With the single or double table bases, you can automatically transform a low-positioned cocktail table into a full-size dining table.

The extensions are stowed in a pocket integrated into the tabletop and can almost double the table area when extended. In addition, the guide system ensures that the table surface and the extensions are completely flat and stable.

The extensions have various safety systems, such as electronic force limitation, manual operation during a power failure, and mechanical and electronic blockage detection.
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The e-LIFT MAX is the only electrically operated low-stow table column on the market with a low position height of 220 mm [8.7"] and an unrivaled stroke of 440 mm [17.3"]. This special column offers incredible stability despite these extreme low and high position values.

The fully integrated 28VDC electro-hydraulic drive guarantees a high and individually adjustable working speed of up to 40mm/s with low noise <46 dB SIL and extraordinary power. This power allows table tops with a maximum weight of 45-50 kg without limiting the motor performance.

Motor controllers and force and displacement sensors specially developed for our tabletop applications offer maximum safety for the user. Thanks to the drive's special design, this table column can be moved in both directions even in the event of a power failure and can be safely stopped and loaded at any point.

Therefore, the e-LIFT MAX is ideal for large coffee tables, dining tables, and conference tables with a tabletop size of up to 2.5m x 1m [6.5ft X 3.2 ft].
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The strongest In-Arm Table Kinematic on the market. The manually operated In-Arm Table deployed by a gas spring and with flip over deployment is an alternative to In-Arm Sliding Table.
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Full guided aircraft Pull-Out Table, specially designed for the Boeing 747 upper deck side ledge area to avoid clashes with the surrounding structure.
The system comes optionally with a lateral tracking tabletop or pull-out handle to support large tabletop sizes.
A spring-loaded flapper automatically closes out the storage pocket in the side ledge once the table is deployed.
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The Aersolution electro-hydraulic dual pillar table system provides maximum stability, highest force at lowest noise level, and highest flexibility in pillar arrangement design due to electrical pillar synchronization. The innovative motion control system allows the synchronization of up to four pillars in a master-slave configuration.
Additional features as manual override, free high and low position adjustment, as well as electrical and mechanical overload protection, make this system one of the safest on the market.
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The sliding and rotating tabletop mechanism from Aersolution combines maximum table size with unrestricted stability. The tabletop mechanism has a size of 1.2m x 0.83m in the coffee table configuration and allows a size of 1.66m x 1.2m in the dining table position.
Precision rails and precision bearings minimize the play within the mechanism and thus contribute to high stability and ease of movement.
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4 Stage Pillar Shroud designed for our low-stow Hi-Lo Pillar Table.
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