e-TOP Deporting Table Extension
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The e-TOP electric table extension is specially designed for convertible tables. With the single or double table bases, you can automatically transform a low-positioned cocktail table into a full-size dining table.

The extensions are stowed in a pocket integrated into the tabletop and can almost double the table area when extended. In addition, the guide system ensures that the table surface and the extensions are completely flat and stable.

The extensions have various safety systems, such as electronic force limitation, manual operation during a power failure, and mechanical and electronic blockage detection.
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The sliding and rotating tabletop mechanism from Aersolution combines maximum table size with unrestricted stability. The tabletop mechanism has a size of 1.2m x 0.83m in the coffee table configuration and allows a size of 1.66m x 1.2m in the dining table position.
Precision rails and precision bearings minimize the play within the mechanism and thus contribute to high stability and ease of movement.